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Noun; GroupManager
– gruːp ˈmænɪʤə

A powerful set of tools, for both IT managers and users, to efficiently create, manage, browse and analyse all groups in your Office 365 environment

People love using Microsoft Teams. However, every time a team is created, a ‘group’ and a lot of underlying assets like mailboxes, SharePoint sites, planners and documents are created as well… Managing all this content is near impossible. GroupMGR is a governance tool which gives you that much needed overview of all existing groups, their users and related assets.

Interactive dashboard for all groups

Sort and filter groups by type, daily activity rate, number of users, used apps, size, ownership…

Quick and easy navigation

Quickly jump to the apps (like Teams, SharePoint sites, outlook…) linked to any group

Template based group creation

Configure templates for SharePoint and Teams group types. Force name policies and approvals

Identify groups including external users

Verify if shared information stays in the right hands. Both in and out of your organizations' boundries

Auto-detect & archive inactive groups

Save on storage, resources and declutter by automatically archiving unused groups.

Classify groups for better organisation

Label your groups with statuses and types, mark them as being private or public, external or internal…

integrates in Power automate flows

When creating a new Team; Automatically start procedures, inform managers, create pre-defined directories... (technical info)

GroupMGR fully integrates in your Microsoft Teams & SharePoint viewport!

You’re in total control. Both IT managers and standard users can use all or restricted features of GroupMGR. Our software runs within your environment and can therefore never share or expose sensitive data! Not to us, not to anyone. This application is developed by, an award winning Belgian ICT company with 25 years of experience and a strong focus on security and GDPR.

A license includes

(Valid for every user)
GroupMgr is Software as a Services, seamlessly embedded in your SharePoint and/or Teams environment.
  • All current features
  • New and upcoming features
  • Access to training videos and documentation
  • Technical support

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* Administrators will require a per user Microsoft Power Automate Plan in order to use the GroupMGR connector. Feel free to ask us about pricing for said licenses.

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